Success Story: Cheese N Click, Indonesia

In 2014, I had the honor of meeting these two photographers, Hendra Lesmana and Andre Dharmawan under the brand Cheese N Click in Indonesia.  They are some of the most humble and kindest people I know, yet hardest working.  They had found my coaching program from a recent stretch of coaching sessions I did for some other people and they decided to do a session with me.  They fit the mold of the clients that worked with me: they value authenticity, and as they mentioned in their website, always growing, always changing, and always learning.  Any individual who possess the heart and soul to perform this is always bound for greatness.  After a short 4 years since Hendra started the company, the company has grown to include four additional photographers and they have racked up numerous of awards and recognition in the wedding world:

– Top 20 Summer 2014
– Top 10 Summer 2015
– Photographer of the quarter fall 2015

– Top 50 2014
– Top 10 2015

Junebug Weddings’ Best of the Best
– 3 Junebug Destination + 3 honorable mention 2015 + 1 Best of the Best wedding 2015.

– Top 50 Nikon’s IAMWeddingStoryteller

Jury of Masters of Dutch wedding photography
Judges of Junebug Weddings’ Best of the Best Engagement 2016

So what is the Cheese N Click brand all about?

Cheese N Click Photography is a unique yet simple brand of photography who focuses on reinventing themselves whether it is through new ideas, utilization of new tools and new angles.  Thriving in producing their best work ever, they decided not to do any shots that they have previously done, even when presented with the same location.  They have an insatiable hunger in creativity which becomes something that clients look for.  Their brand currently consists of 3 teams of two photographers with different points of view and they are able to utilize this to get new, fresh look every single time.

Hendra and Andre describes their experience in my coaching session:

“Inspiring”.  That’s the first word that comes into mind upon hearing the name Erwin Darmali, since we have long followed his instagram feed.  His wedding and street photography styles that are fresh, out of the box, while focusing on timing and story, made us want to experience the coaching program.  As wedding photographers, we are expected to find moments in any kind of situation, and the skill development is very much key.  In the coaching session we realized that the photos that we had taken previously is still far from great, and that the path of creating great photos requires a lot of hard work.  We were taught to explore more, not being satisfied with what we have and constantly searching for the better moment ever single time we clicked the shutter as well as adjusting our timing and framing as we take pictures in order to get the best picture.  Not only when we are working, but also in our daily lives, that we can teach ourselves to see things differently, finding different and new compositions around us.

On the value of learning and hardwork:
Each of us possess unbelievable talent and potential, one that can be achieved by continuously learning, never being satisfied by striving for the best through hardwork, never putting limits on ourselves.  Without these things, there is no enrichment and growth in our lives…

Hendra & Andre

Here are some of Hendra and Andre’s amazing photos created in the last year or two:










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Their success and achievements, are my true happiness!  Congrats friends!