The One Advice to Give to Your Younger Self: Craig Fritz

Hello photographer enthusiasts!

I have invited some of my photographer friends who I look up to for many different reasons to find out what kind of advice they would give to their younger selfs, simply because throughout our journey as a photographer there will be things that would take us more time to figure out and I feel that learning from people who we look up to is always a good stepping stone to help us get there faster.  My hope by doing this is simple: to improve your learning by equipping you with proven philosophy to base your future decisions on.

The first person to step up to the plate is Craig Fritz, one of the power duo, husband and wife team of Twin Lens.  He has also mentored in Foundation Workshops.  Here is the one advice that he would give his younger self:

Thank you so much Craig, for your wisdom!


This one was not easy.  While the below is definitely something I wish I had figured out quicker, there are also a bunch of other things that come to mind.  i.e. get a clue about how to run a business, don’t shoot boring pictures, start a photo project on a topic you are passionate about and that is in your community (make it last decades.)


However, BE COMFORTABLE SEPARATING YOURSELF FROM THE PACK, is what sprang to mind first.

I mean this both literally and figuratively.  If a bunch of photographers have figured out the “obvious” way to shoot a picture is from x location… find another spot.  If the standard way of shooting an event is to use a certain focal length or perspective, try to see the scene or situation with new eyes, try something different.

Sure, sure… get the picture that covers your ass in case your experiment does not work.  But, as you do it more and more, your skills at looking for that fresh, never before seen photo will get better and better.

I eventually came around to this mindset, but not nearly early enough in my development as a photographer.  Oddly enough, it comes easy enough to me when shooting journalistic assignments, but I still struggle with it in my newer role as a wedding photographer.  I fear this is because of the wedding industry bombards us with photos.  The endless stream of blogs, social media sites, and magazines which tend to feature the “safe”, “pretty” imagery.  Unfortunately, not unique seeing that challenges viewers.

The images below are from a story on a diving team, NCAA basketball tournament, and the leading image was on youth soccer in New Mexico.



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